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26/02/2021 04:40:16 North Korea: Russian diplomats leave by hand-pushed trolley
The diplomats had no choice as Pyongyang has banned trains from leaving as part of Covid measures. ...

26/02/2021 03:39:20 Covid-19: Sri Lanka reverses 'anti-Muslim' cremation order
26/02/2021 03:30:00 Melissa Caddick: Missing fraud suspect's foot found on Australian beach
26/02/2021 03:29:02 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: How a massacre in the sacred city of Aksum unfolded
26/02/2021 02:19:29 Covid-19: US high school band students rehearse in individual bubbles
26/02/2021 02:19:29 Covid-19: High school band students rehearse in individual bubbles
26/02/2021 02:09:53 Biden approves US airstrike on Iran-backed militias in Syria
26/02/2021 01:49:52 Golden Globes: Celebrity make-up artists on their job in the pandemic
26/02/2021 01:47:31 Why Greenpeace is dropping huge boulders into the sea
26/02/2021 01:41:41 K-pop superstars Blackpink in climate change message
26/02/2021 01:16:30 Fijian rugby league players sing tribute to Sydney quarantine staff
26/02/2021 01:14:01 'Op Silent Viper': How an Indian rape suspect was caught after 22 years
26/02/2021 01:07:40 Analysis: Can Asia help Myanmar find a way out of coup crisis?
26/02/2021 01:04:15 Amazon rainforest plots sold via Facebook Marketplace ads
26/02/2021 00:40:45 Canadian farmers advised to ditch palm oil after 'buttergate' row
26/02/2021 00:01:39 Mr Potato Head to lose "Mr" title in gender-neutral rebrand
25/02/2021 23:28:31 Jamal Khashoggi: Biden raises human rights in call with Saudi king
25/02/2021 22:54:38 John Geddert: Ex-US Olympics coach found dead after sex assault charges
25/02/2021 22:33:57 Alexei Navalny: Jailed Putin critic 'moved out of Moscow prison'
25/02/2021 21:55:48 Coronavirus: EU urged to adopt 'vaccine passports'
25/02/2021 20:30:53 The 91-year-old policeman still patrolling the streets
25/02/2021 19:17:18 Coronavirus: EU urged to adopt joint 'vaccine certificates'
25/02/2021 19:01:27 Myanmar coup: Violence flares as rival protesters clash in Yangon
25/02/2021 18:20:08 German charged with spying for Russian military intelligence
25/02/2021 17:31:02 Daphne Caruana Galizia: Fresh charges over murder of Maltese journalist
25/02/2021 16:39:20 Lady Gaga's dog-walker shot and bulldogs stolen
25/02/2021 16:30:44 Israel pollution: Mayonnaise helps save turtles rescued from oil spill
25/02/2021 16:19:28 Armenia PM Nikol Pashinyan accuses army of attempted coup
25/02/2021 16:16:40 Lindsey Boylan accusations: Why is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo under pressure?
25/02/2021 14:21:54 Nergal: Polish metal singer accused of blasphemy appeals for legal funds
25/02/2021 14:03:53 Frasier and Rugrats both set to return to TV
25/02/2021 13:53:09 China denies requiring anal swabs from US diplomats
25/02/2021 13:39:54 Jamal Khashoggi: US to release report on Saudi journalist murder
25/02/2021 13:09:43 Facebook and Google news law passed in Australia
25/02/2021 12:01:29 China's Xi declares victory in ending extreme poverty
25/02/2021 11:11:39 Jamal Khashoggi: US to release declassified report on murder
25/02/2021 10:32:55 Armenia PM Nikol Pashinyan denounces 'attempted military coup'
TV/Film News

Films and/or TV Series

26/02/2021 02:24:04 Kevin Feige Addresses the Return of Daredevil & Other Defunct Marvel TV Shows in the MCU
Though Marvel Studios is all ready with a new wave of series, they still have plans for the characters from the earlier TV shows. ...

26/02/2021 01:42:29 Paranormal Activity 7 & Pet Sematary Prequel Will Go Straight to Streaming on Paramount+
26/02/2021 01:23:57 Is Henry Cavill's Super Secret Project the Mass Effect Movie?
26/02/2021 01:08:07 Spider-Man: No Way Home Whiteboard Decoded: What Does It All Mean?
26/02/2021 00:44:33 Firestarter Reboot Will Respect the Original Movie While Digging Further Into the Book
26/02/2021 00:11:13 Mortal Kombat Reboot Has the Most Watched Red-Band Trailer of All Time
25/02/2021 23:56:26 BossLogic's New Spider-Man: No Way Home Fan Poster Hints at WandaVision Connections
25/02/2021 23:43:41 Ray Donovan Movie Is Filming This Year with Liev Schreiber Confirmed to Return
25/02/2021 23:27:06 Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. Trailer Announces Summer Release Date on Hulu
25/02/2021 23:10:13 Happy Gilmore 2 Senior Tour Idea Has Adam Sandler & Christopher McDonald Wanting to Return
25/02/2021 22:37:48 George A. Romero's Legendary Lost Movie The Amusement Park Is Coming to Shudder
25/02/2021 22:22:58 Hasbro Drops the 'Mr.' in Potato Head After 70 Years
25/02/2021 22:01:40 Paramount+ Explained: What Is It, Why Do You Need It and How Much Does It Cost?
25/02/2021 21:27:54 Army of the Dead Footage Showcases Zack Snyder's First Time Out as a Cinematographer
25/02/2021 20:55:44 Tom Holland Doesn't Think There'll Be Another Spider-Man Split Between Marvel and Sony
25/02/2021 20:43:36 WandaVision Secrets Behind Filming Musical Number 'Agatha All Along' Revealed
25/02/2021 20:15:21 Emma Watson Is Reportedly Retiring from Acting and Fans Can't Handle It
25/02/2021 19:57:24 FBI Acknowledges UFO Sighting Over New Mexico, But Refuses to Confirm Investigation
25/02/2021 19:38:53 Cherry Review: Tom Holland & the Russo Brothers Deliver a Devastating Account of Addiction
25/02/2021 18:49:05 George R.R. Martin's In the Lost Lands Unites Resident Evil Team with Dave Bautista
25/02/2021 18:05:00 King Kong Knows Sign Language in Godzilla Vs Kong
25/02/2021 17:49:39 No Time to Die Will Arrive in U.K. Theaters a Week Earlier Than Expected
25/02/2021 17:36:49 Pixar's Luca Trailer Introduces Two Teenage Sea Monsters from Another World
25/02/2021 17:13:36 Mission: Impossible 7 & A Quiet Place 2 Will Hit Paramount+ 45 Days After Theaters
25/02/2021 16:35:52 Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Shot, Singer Offers $500K Reward for Stolen French Bulldogs
25/02/2021 15:43:50 Army of the Dead Trailer Arrives, Zack Snyder's Zombie Heist Hits Netflix This Summer
25/02/2021 11:29:35 Avatar: The Last Airbender Animated Movie Is Coming from Original Series Creators
25/02/2021 11:22:02 Do Those Fake Spider-Man 3 Titles Actually Reveal Something a Lot More?
25/02/2021 11:19:06 Workaholics Movie Is Happening at Paramount+ with the Original Cast
25/02/2021 03:00:09 If Marvel Wants Tom Holland to Make Ten Spider-Man Movies, He'll Be There
25/02/2021 02:48:16 Did WandaVision Include a Wolverine and Weapon X Easter Egg?
25/02/2021 02:37:23 Young Indiana Jones Star Would Love to Play a New Role in Indiana Jones 5
25/02/2021 02:27:40 Spider-Man: No Way Home Has Marvel's Most Impressive Fight Scene Ever Insists Tom Holland
25/02/2021 02:06:46 Tracy Morgan Almost Played Eddie Murphy's Son in Coming 2 America, But It Just Wasn't Right
25/02/2021 01:49:26 Spider-Man: No Way Home Casting Call Hints at the Return of Daredevil in the MCU
25/02/2021 01:24:20 Tom Holland Jokes About Super Secret WandaVision Finale Cameo: It Could Be Me
25/02/2021 01:03:54 New Beavis and Butt-head Movie Is Going Straight to Streaming on Paramount+
25/02/2021 00:52:35 Charlize Theron Praises Die Hard Twitter Pitch Featuring Her as the Lead: It's a Great Idea
25/02/2021 00:29:42 The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Trailer Is Here, Coach Bombay Is Back on Disney+
25/02/2021 00:09:47 Spider-Man: No Way Home Script Is Being Figured Out as They Go Says Tom Holland
24/02/2021 23:57:56 New on HBO Max in March 2021
24/02/2021 23:49:49 Blade-Killer Project Is Coming from Wesley Snipes, He Calls It 'Blade on Steroids'
24/02/2021 23:37:16 Tom Holland's Spider-Man Contract Is Up After No Way Home
24/02/2021 23:23:35 WandaVision Theory Thinks Agnes Is Using Wanda to Summon an Ancient Evil, and It's Not Mephisto
24/02/2021 23:07:19 Spider-Man: No Way Home Does Not Have Multiple Spider-Men Promises Tom Holland
24/02/2021 22:43:00 Disney+ Announces Premiere Dates for Monsters at Work, Big Shot, Chip 'N' Dale & More
24/02/2021 21:56:32 Blade Reboot to Be Rated PG-13, Deadpool 3 Is the MCU's Only R-Rated Movie
24/02/2021 21:30:54 WandaVision Season 2 Not Planned Yet, But Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Won't Rule It Out
24/02/2021 20:53:20 Turner & Hooch First Look Brings Josh Peck and His Canine Detective to Disney+ This Summer
24/02/2021 20:37:43 Superman Trends as DC Fans Praise Superman & Lois Star Tyler Hoechlin
24/02/2021 20:17:11 Netflix's The Killer Reunites Se7en Team with Michael Fassbender Eyeing the Lead
24/02/2021 19:52:19 Spider-Man 3 Official Title Revealed Along with New Logo and Cast Video
24/02/2021 19:30:06 The Bad Batch Is Coming to Disney+ on Star Wars Day, New Poster Revealed
24/02/2021 19:12:09 Loki Gets an Official Summer Release Date on Disney+
24/02/2021 18:41:16 Spider-Man: No Way Home Trends as Six Possible Titles Are Revealed for Spider-Man 3
24/02/2021 18:41:16 Spider-Man: No Way Home Trends as 6 Possible Titles Are Trolled for Spider-Man 3
24/02/2021 18:20:14 Ryan Gosling Is a 1950s Hollywood Star Who Loses His Memory in The Actor
24/02/2021 18:05:07 Game-changing WandaVision Scene in Episode 7 Came with One Demand from Kevin Feige
24/02/2021 17:48:13 Jeepers Creepers: Reborn Is Coming in Fall 2021 to Kick Off a New Trilogy
24/02/2021 17:33:35 Godzilla Vs Kong Is Turning Millie Bobby Brown's Madison Into a Monster-Fighting Badass
24/02/2021 17:12:45 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Introduces Adepero Oduye as Falcon's Sister
24/02/2021 16:56:38 Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead Is Rated-R for Gore, Nudity and a Lot of F-Bombs
24/02/2021 16:37:39 Henry Cavill Teases a Secret Project, Is It Finally a New Superman Movie?
24/02/2021 16:18:13 Spider-Man 3 Cast Shares First Images, Several Titles and New Logos
24/02/2021 10:15:47 Wrong Turn Reboot Cast & Director Take Us Into Backwoods Cannibal Country [Exclusive]
24/02/2021 10:15:11 Pretty in Pink & Some Kind of Wonderful Director Howard Deutch Celebrates the Legacy of John Hughes [Exclusive]
24/02/2021 10:14:58 Shook Preview Won't Let You Leave, Won't Let You Scream in the Shudder Original [Exclusive]
24/02/2021 10:14:45 The Croods: A New Age Special Feature Talks with Ryan Reynolds, Nic Cage & Emma Stone [Exclusive]

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