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31/07/2021 04:10:59 Simone Biles: Tokyo Olympics gymnast withdraws from two more events
American Simone Biles pulls out of the vault and uneven bars gymnastics finals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. ...

31/07/2021 02:11:24 Tokyo 2020: Five reasons why Saturday's women's 100m will light up Olympics
31/07/2021 01:18:32 India reptile park struggles to survive amid Covid
31/07/2021 01:17:04 Nigeria's kidnap crisis: 'I saw my two-year-old carried by a man with a gun'
31/07/2021 01:14:22 Mitholz - the tranquil Swiss village facing a time bomb
31/07/2021 01:11:16 The man who 'killed' Pluto
31/07/2021 01:06:16 From Afghan interpreter to US homeless - until reaching the American dream
31/07/2021 00:56:16 Donald Trump ordered to hand over tax returns to Congress
30/07/2021 23:24:49 Bob Odenkirk: Better Call Saul actor thanks supporters after heart attack
30/07/2021 22:26:48 Israel accuses Iran over deadly oil tanker attack
30/07/2021 21:38:49 Amazon hit with $886m fine for alleged data law breach
30/07/2021 20:37:43 Russia stops Cubans trying to enter EU by air bed
30/07/2021 20:37:43 Russia stops Cubans trying to enter EU on air beds
30/07/2021 20:14:57 Woman charged for disturbing Yellowstone mother grizzly
30/07/2021 19:23:05 Amanda Knox claims Matt Damon film Stillwater profits from her life
30/07/2021 18:28:54 Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta criticises 'vaccine nationalism'
30/07/2021 17:54:49 Deadly oil tanker attack in Arabian Sea
30/07/2021 16:59:44 Amazon hit with $886m fine for alleged data breach
30/07/2021 16:31:45 Tokyo Olympics: Alexander Zverev beats Novak Djokovic to reach final
30/07/2021 15:44:17 Tokyo Olympics: Russians face backlash from fellow competitors
30/07/2021 15:24:27 Critics praise 'defiant' Billie Eilish album
30/07/2021 14:21:33 China nuclear: Taishan reactor shut down over damaged fuel rods
30/07/2021 13:54:23 Tokyo Olympics: Who are the contenders for Usain Bolt's 100m crown?
30/07/2021 13:50:27 Australia to return 14 artworks of disputed provenance to India
30/07/2021 12:39:37 Djokovic's 'golden Grand Slam' bid thwarted
30/07/2021 11:57:04 Turkey fires: Blazes threaten Marmaris and other coastal resorts
30/07/2021 11:26:27 Nanjing: New virus outbreak worst since Wuhan, say Chinese state media
30/07/2021 11:26:27 Nanjing: New virus outbreak worst after Wuhan, say Chinese state media
30/07/2021 11:18:02 Covid-19 pandemic: Japan widens emergency over 'frightening' spike
TV/Film News

Films and/or TV Series

31/07/2021 02:51:17 Sylvester Stallone Shows Off New Ring for The Expendables 4
Sly Stallone is teasing The Expendables 4 with an Instagram post revealing a new golden ring he's designed for the long-awaited sequel. ...

31/07/2021 02:37:21 Skull May Not Be the Title of Disney's Predator Movie After All
31/07/2021 02:04:39 Tom Hanks Takes on His First-Ever Wes Anderson Movie
31/07/2021 01:38:42 Deadpool Star T.J. Miller Has Charges Dropped in Fake Threat Case
31/07/2021 00:46:37 Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two Review: A Riveting Conclusion to The DC Comics Epic
31/07/2021 00:36:20 Norman Reedus Is Johnny Blaze in New MCU Fan Art After Lobbying for Ghost Rider Role
31/07/2021 00:21:55 Jason Momoa Fights Dave Bautista in Epic New See Season 2 Trailer
31/07/2021 00:07:39 Dave Bautista Quips on Black Widow Lawsuit: They Should've Made a Drax Movie
30/07/2021 23:55:19 Disney World's Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Experience Detailed in New Video
30/07/2021 23:44:47 Babylon Will Be Tobey Maguire's First On-Screen Role Since 2014
30/07/2021 23:43:02 Bob Odenkirk Breaks Silence After Heart Attack: I'll Be Back Soon
30/07/2021 23:41:29 Chris Pratt Has a Good Reason Not to Impersonate Father-in-law Arnold Schwarzenegger
30/07/2021 23:32:58 Corey Feldman Talks Frog Brothers TV Series Possibilities [Exclusive]
30/07/2021 23:28:29 Black Widow Box Office Failure Blamed on Disney+ Release & Piracy by IMAX CEO
30/07/2021 23:25:26 From Star Wars to Jedi 1983: Relive the Magic of Making the Original Trilogy
30/07/2021 23:18:10 The Matrix 4: Release Date, New Characters, Plot - What We Know
30/07/2021 23:16:57 Will Emma Stone Sue Disney Next Over Cruella Streaming Debut?
30/07/2021 23:07:07 Original Willy Wonka Cast Shares Thoughts on New Prequel
30/07/2021 23:00:11 Quentin Tarantino Would Consider a First Blood Remake with Adam Driver as Rambo
30/07/2021 22:58:30 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Featurette Arrives with a New Poster
30/07/2021 22:54:03 The Witcher Season 2: Release Date, Characters, Plot - What We Know
30/07/2021 22:43:49 Eternals: What We Know About Marvel's Phase 4 Movie
30/07/2021 22:35:33 Bob Odenkirk Is 'Doing Great' Says Friend David Cross
30/07/2021 22:06:19 Luca Director Talks Italian Inspiration in Never-Before-Seen Bonus Feature [Exclusive]
30/07/2021 21:40:50 Luca Director Talks Italian Inspiration in Never-Before-Seem Bonus Feature [Exclusive]
30/07/2021 21:03:54 Amanda Knox Slams Matt Damon's Stillwater for Stealing Her Story Without Consent
30/07/2021 20:49:34 SNL Star Michael Che Faces Backlash After Sharing Offensive Simone Biles Jokes
30/07/2021 20:44:02 The Boy Behind the Door Review: Shudder's Abduction Thriller Is All Gritty Thrills, No Silly Frills
30/07/2021 20:15:25 Stranger Things Season 4 Is 'Coming Soon' and Will Be 'Bigger Than Ever' Promises Producer
30/07/2021 20:02:57 Venom 2 IMAX Theater Statue Brings Full Look at Carnage
30/07/2021 19:23:36 House of Gucci Trailer: Ridley Scott Directs an All-Star Cast in a Tale of Power & Murder
30/07/2021 19:15:49 T.J. Miller Gets Fake Bomb Threat Charges Dropped
30/07/2021 19:02:56 Kevin Feige Allegedly Angry and Embarrassed Over Black Widow Disney+ Streaming Debut
30/07/2021 18:49:45 6 Underground Isn't Getting a Sequel at Netflix, Sorry Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay
30/07/2021 18:26:37 Jean-Claude Van Damme Is Back in Action in The Last Mercenary, Now Streaming on Netflix
30/07/2021 18:15:55 Netflix Offers Peek Inside Surprise Spielberg Deal, Is Nolan Next?
30/07/2021 18:01:44 Brie Larson Pushes Herself Past the Limit in Latest The Marvels Training Video
30/07/2021 11:20:00 Kathryn Hahn's Step Brothers Bathroom Scene Almost Included an Improv Murder Mystery
30/07/2021 11:14:32 Margot Robbie Didn't Know About Harley Quinn's Fate in Zack Snyder's Justice League
30/07/2021 11:09:49 Zendaya Is Unsure of Her Future at Marvel After Bittersweet Spider-Man: No Way Home
30/07/2021 11:05:18 Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Honors Chadwick Boseman's Legacy in a Very Special Way
30/07/2021 11:01:01 James Gunn Reflects on Being Fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
30/07/2021 10:49:59 Ant-Man 3: David Dastmalchian Doesn't Know If He'll Return
30/07/2021 10:38:54 Aquaman 2 Producer Defends Amber Heard's Return: It's Best for the Movie
30/07/2021 10:33:53 Real-Life SpongeBob and Patrick Spotted Together Deep in the Atlantic Ocean
30/07/2021 10:26:47 Margot Robbie's Barbie Movie Confirms Director Greta Gerwig, Eyes a 2023 Release
30/07/2021 03:07:45 Disney Hits Back at Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow Lawsuit: There Is No Merit Whatsoever
30/07/2021 02:39:36 Jared Leto Shocks Fans with Unrecognizable House of Gucci Character Poster
30/07/2021 02:07:36 Yeah, That's Gozer Hiding in the New Ghostbusters 3 Trailer
30/07/2021 01:21:21 Suicide Squad Director Guns Down the Studio Cut While Hyping #ReleaseTheAyerCut One Last Time
30/07/2021 00:47:27 Hawkeye Disney+ Series First Look Arrives, November Release Date Announced
30/07/2021 00:24:36 Peter Jackson Was Pushed Hard to Kill a Hobbit in The Lord of the Rings
29/07/2021 23:26:25 Waterworld Sequel Series Is Happening with 10 Cloverfield Lane Director
29/07/2021 22:58:50 Alicia Vikander Hopes Tomb Raider 2 Will Find Its Way, Promises Script Is Coming Soon
29/07/2021 22:39:34 J.K. Simmons to Return as Commissioner Gordon in DC's Batgirl Movie for HBO Max
29/07/2021 22:26:57 Disney Gets Sued by Scarlett Johansson Over Black Widow Disney+ Streaming Release
29/07/2021 22:00:05 Cooking with Paris Trailer: The Hilton Heiress Turns The Culinary World Upside Down
29/07/2021 21:08:20 Creepshow Season 3 Is Coming to Shudder This September
29/07/2021 20:57:28 Is Corey Feldman Done Acting? [Exclusive]
29/07/2021 20:47:29 John Wick 4 Set Image Has Donnie Yen Seated, Suited and Ready to Kick Ass
29/07/2021 20:15:04 Sweet Tooth Gets Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix
29/07/2021 19:37:14 How Stranger Things and Playing Hopper Opened David Harbour's Heart to Fatherhood
29/07/2021 19:28:01 Is Gozer Hiding in the New Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer?
29/07/2021 19:19:20 Die Hard 6 Is Dead at Disney
29/07/2021 19:09:10 Idris Elba 'Seemingly' Teases the Return of Heimdall in Thor: Love and Thunder
29/07/2021 18:57:09 Bright 2 Script Is Almost Ready at Netflix
29/07/2021 18:46:56 Heidi Klum Proudly Shows Off Her LEGO Hat While Lounging in a Bikini on a Boat
29/07/2021 17:58:40 Twist Review: An Awful Gen Z Update of the Charles Dickens Classic
29/07/2021 17:44:01 M. Night Shyamalan Reveals His Indiana Jones 4 Idea He Pitched to Steven Spielberg
29/07/2021 10:58:07 The Green Knight First Reviews Praise Dev Patel's Performance in This Arthurian Classic
29/07/2021 10:46:03 Skull Is About the First Predator to Come to Earth, Filming Is Almost Complete
29/07/2021 10:24:53 James Gunn Teases Marvel DC Crossover Movie Plans
29/07/2021 10:13:13 Joey Jordison Honored by Fellow Musicians After His Death

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